Inventory Alert!

There is a Frenzy of Activity Here...

As we move towards December 25th, there is generally a spike in hysteria. Overall, we have not done too bad of a job at keeping inventory in stock... considering the unique hand made nature of much of the Southwest Indian Foundation's merchandise.

That being said, we have had a tsunami of sales activity in the past week overwhelming our supply lines in some cases. We are scrambling and back-filling stock as fast and feverishly as we can. There will be however, some items that just will not be in before Christmas. Much of our ability to fill some of the back-ordered items will depend on how soon the intensity of the wave of ordering begins to subside.

Having been in this business for a very long time, I am always a bit surprised at just how the whole holiday buying season plays out each year.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support over these many years. We all appreciate you and send you our blessings.

Believe us when we say, we are making every possible conceivable effort to fill your orders. We are working from very early in the morning to very late at night each day.

We understand that you made a special effort to shop with us and you need to know that we have a undying appreciation for you.
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"Unable to Ship Before Christmas List"

IF you wish to have your packages before Christmas (and provided we have the merchandise in stock): Express shipping

December 2015 schedule.

Today, Friday December 18th, 3 day would guarantee delivery $10 extra.
Saturday December 19th 2nd Day $15 extra.
Monday December 21st 2nd Day $15 extra.
Tuesday December 22nd 2nd Day. $15 extra
Wednesday Next Day $25 extra.