Children - Thank You Letters Drawings

Here are just a few of the many very special "Thank You" letters we received from some of the children out here on the reservation.

We receive many thank you letters each year. These drawings are from the children who have received your generous help either through your purchases and or your donations.

These letters are from 5 and 6 year old little girls from a small village out here in the Southwest called Many Farms.

2016 Southwest Indian Foundation Summer Catalog

Why not do something special? Your generous act of charity can lift and carry their spirits throughout the year.
If you are so inclined, you can Make a Donation Here yourself or on behalf of a friend or loved one as a special gift in their name, sort of two gifts in one. We will send you a lovely "frame-able linen certificate" that you can fill out and give to your friend or loved one.

Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.