Corona Virus Emergency Response

Dear Supporters:

These are strange times indeed. It seems that things are changing by the moment. Presently, we are under limited lockdown. We are complying and cooperating with local Government entities.

We of course, wish you and your loved ones only health and safety.

Our own situation is that we are providing "essential services" to many individuals. Given that the Native People, and the Reservation areas of the Southwest are the "last stop" at the end of the line, we are the first to be the most impacted.

And we cannot over emphasize the care and value we hold for our people here. Their health and safety is paramount.

At least for now, we have come to the conclusion that the best thing is for us to carry on.We have instituted serious safety measures, social distancing, extreme cleanliness, and respect and thoughtfulness to our fellow workers. We are all in this together.

We strive to provide the best service possible. We have some donors, thank God, that still wish to order. Our people need to provide for their families. So as long as there is no inordinate danger, and we can provide essential services, we will continue.

Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope we are in yours.

The Southwest Indian Foundation