Our Forgotten Americans Skate Park is Now OPEN

Occasionally in this life something comes along that sweeps us up with such indescribable joy, that is difficult to put into words.

This last Saturday morning here in Gallup, New Mexico, right east of the Gallup CuturalCenter young people were gathering at 5 am as it was not quite light.

Why were these eager enthusiasts up before the sun? They have been anticipating this moment forwell over 2 years: The Grand Opening of the Route 66 Skate Park.

Thanks to you....and I sincerely mean, thanks to you....we were able to see this dream come into reality.

I wish I could bundle all the warm and joyful feelings that were present Saturday, and sending them to your heart. It was a fine day.

Each and every time I pass the park, there is a crowd. We are waiting for the lights to go up. In the mean time, when it is dark out, cars and trucks surround the park with car lights. Necessity being the Mother of Invention.

So, one hundred thanks again. It would not have been possible without you!

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