Living in an Orange Toxic Waste Dump!

The water flows from the Colorado down to the San Juan basin where our families live off of the life giving water for our crops and our live stock.

On the Navajo Reservation, the leader of the community of Shiprock worries about corn, melons, squashes and other crops that could be lost if water from the San Juan River can't be drawn for irrigation.

The New Mexico farmers stopped drawing water from the river following the August 5th wastewater spill at a mine in Colorado into a river system that carried the pollutants to the reservation. The 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater that spilled into the rivers, sadly will put the Navajo Nation most at risk.

The impact is still being assessed, but given our reliance on agriculture and the river, it could be tremendous.

Many good people have come together to bring drinking water to our northern brothers and sisters, but the long range consequences could be devastating because of contamination.

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