Emergency Assistance

Have you ever had a real emergency? Have you ever found yourself in a situationwhere you were desperate, and had no place to turn. Even more urgent, have you ever had others, a child or an elderly person who dependent on you for food, clothing, or shelter, and you had no idea where those would come from?

If you have experienced something close to this dire situation, you know the heart wrenching anguish and the pit in the stomach such a state will bring on. Sadly this state is far too common for those who live on reservation areas of the Southwest.

Although our assistance is not a band aid approach, our programs are directed towards long term, sustainable, and independent livelihoods for those we serve. Sometimes, true emergencies are an unfortunate part of life for the Natives of the Southwest.

Our charge is to be here when these emergencies arise. We have emergency food, clothing, and shelter is they are absolutely needed, and there is no other place to turn. This is our work. This is our obligation. We pray you continue to help us, and we thank you for the help in the past.