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An Opportunity to Own a Museum Quality Work of Art!

This year's Summer Sweepstakes is a chance to remember Southwest Indian Foundation this season. We have three spectacular prizes with a chance to win a ...

If there is a Well, there is a Way.

Here's why 'Water is Life' is on our minds this summer at the Southwest Indian Foundation!

Welcome to the Southwest Indian Foundation Family!

New to the Southwest Indian Foundation? Welcome to our #SWIF Family, and THANK YOU! We appreciate your support, because your catalog purchase and/or ...

Soaring Only To Where Eagles Dare

The eagle is important as both an animal and as a symbol for Native Americans.

A Very Special Delivery in Shonto, Arizona!

Thank you! These children will no longer have to sleep on the floor. We raised money especially for this family last month, and were able to provide not only a ...

Our New Farm to Help Feed the Reservation

The Southwest Indian Foundation is proud to announce both a new program and a new area of focus within the scope of our mission. This Spring, we acquired a ...

Are Our Mothers Worth It?

Mother's Day is approaching. Are our mother's worth it? Of course! At Southwest Indian Foundation we help women/mothers with employment (either at our ...

New Promotion: Free Mask & Free Shipping!

Southwest Indian Foundation has a great new offer for Spring 2021. We are including a FREE MASK and FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $129 or more!

A New Home Brings Tears of Joy!

Watch this wonderful short video showing the delivery of a new home to a Navajo family in desperate need. There are tears of joy as the mother finally has a ...

Rescue of a Mom and Baby in a Blizzard Snowdrift

The combination of snow and ice and cold has been relentless for many in the nation this winter. In the high desert, the Navajo Nation has seen it before.

40 Mile-an-Hour Winds Gusting Through Hogan Cracks

The wind and cold have arrived at the Navajo Nation. High wind chill factors make it very difficult to keep even a small home warm. Listen and learn about what ...

Seeking Shelter and a Warm Spot

It's cold on the Navajo Nation. We have been busy installing much needed warming stoves for families needing help. But listen also to a story of a young man we ...
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Covid-19 is hitting the Navajo Nation hard. We continue to deliver food, medicine and additional provisions to Native Americans who, for age or health conditions, should not come into Gallup in person. All being done with health and safety in mind, of course.
VIDEO UPDATES We have prepared a number of videos to show our supporters the tremendous response we've undertaken to assist the Navajo Nation in the Covid-19 pandemic. Please listen and share! Your support is more important than ever! Covid-19 Response Videos
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