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How Do We Teach Our Young People To Be Self Sufficient and Grow Food?

We will host our first internship program this Summer at the San Isidro and the Three Sisters Farm. Here's what we hope to ...

A Mother's Appeal

As we approach Mother's Day, we have a special appeal to our friends and supporters.

A Day in the Life of the SWIF Stove Crew: See a stove installed!

During the first week of February 2022, we made it up a mountain on the Navajo Reservation to install this wood burning stove for ...

Our Gift To You!

This Winter, as we enter into our second year on SWIF's San Isidro Farm, we wanted to share a little gift with you as a way to say ...

Yes We Are Having Our After Christmas Sale!

Get an automatic 10% off all items in our catalog!

Holiday Order Update: "Backorders Are Evil"

Back orders are bad news for everybody. Here's how we are addressing it:

Getting Orders to You...And Food and Gifts to the Needy!

We have finally reached December, and we are in the middle of the Holiday shopping season. Here's what we are doing in the ...

Getting Holiday Shipments to You

Our holiday order fulfillment plans are now in full swing. Here's what you need to know!

Finding Sanctuary: Music for Comfort & Healing

New Music! Our life-long friend John Huling composes his most soulful and comforting pieces yet. This is truly a modern ...

Unique State Caps Now Available!

Take A Look!

Supply Chain Meltdown: Who is Prepared?

SWIF is taking great strides to overcome the all too common supply chain issues and meltdowns across the United States.

Huge Accomplishment Made in Farm's First Season!

We are feeling truly blessed in only the first season at the SWIF Farm, but we have so much more to do!
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Covid-19 is hitting the Navajo Nation hard. We continue to deliver food, medicine and additional provisions to Native Americans who, for age or health conditions, should not come into Gallup in person. All being done with health and safety in mind, of course.
VIDEO UPDATES Our SWIF "Stove Crew" worked hard through a particularly cold Winter season this year to bring safe and warm wood-fired, cast-iron cooking and heating stoves to those who needed them. We are grateful for their work, and thankful for your donations and support of this part of our mission. Click below to see a "day in the life" of our stove crew: Stove Crew
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