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A New Tricycle: The Joy of Giving

Hear the heartwarming story of a group of teenage boys on a volunteer project and the wonderful gift they made to a Navajo child. It is in giving that we receive.

Water is Life

Water is essential. Water is life. Access to water is one of the greatest challenges to the Navajo Nation and the American Southwest. This video, and others from ...

How Off The Grid Navajo Residents Are Getting Running Water

Lack of access to running water is an issue in many developing countries, but it is also a problem in the United States. Nearly 40 percent of the homes in the ...

The Navajo Water Lady

In this corner of the Navajo Nation, just 100 miles west of Albuquerque, N.M., an estimated 40 percent of residents don't have access to running water.

Healing Hands Work Therapy Program

The successful Healing Hands Work Therapy Program gives Native Americans trying to get back on their feet employment and responsibility. Beautiful Native ...

Native American Folk Art Wood Carving

Harry and Isabelle Benally are Native American folk artists specializing in wood carvings from local Aspen trees. Why is each carving done with closed eyes?

Leave a Lasting Legacy

We are asked, upon occasion, what can I do that could make a lasting footprint, perhaps help families for generations to come? With careful thought, one can ...

John Huling: Music That Heals

Accomplished musician John Huling has been a longtime friend of the Southwest Indian Foundation and his CDs have been longtime best-selling products in ...

The Lady in Blue: A Native American Blessing

Watch and learn about this fascinating and basically unknown story of "The Lady in Blue", Maria de Agreda, who was among the Native Americans long before ...

Gallup NM: Gateway to the Navajo Nation

Gallup, New Mexico is the Indian Capital of the world, commercial hub of the Navajo Nation, and the longtime home of Southwest Indian Foundation. Watch and ...

Tribute to Tony Hillerman: Southwest Indian Foundation

Tony Hillerman was a famous and award-winning mystery novelist who wrote about Native American of the Southwest and the world in which they lived. But he ...

Special Handmade Clothing: Southwest Indian Foundation

While most of our products are sourced from and/or focused on the American Southwest, we do often find great handmade products from Native People in many ...
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