Southwest Indian Arts and Culture

Southwest culture is an excellent introduction into the complexity and diversity of the Native American life. Here, you can listen to the stories and songs that tell of a visit to the museum of Indian arts & origins and the long history of the Native people of the Southwest.

Witness the development of new forms of art, or learn about the traditional lives and lifeways of the Southwest's indigenous populations.

The museum reflects the collections of the Southwest Indian Foundation Arts and is a unique touring experience. The El Navajo Hotel was famous for its many sand paintings. The museum provides visitors with a wide array of Native pottery, basketry, rug weaving, kachina (Katsina) dolls, model trains, exhibits on silver smithing and traditional sand paintings. Donated by local families.

The exhibitions at the museum of the Gallup Cultural Center showcase the museums traditional approach to the interpretation of Native American Arts & Culture. Developed through active partnership between Native and non-Native people, the museum's permanent message that Indian cultures are complex diverse, steeped in Tradition and very much alive.