Encyclopedia of American Indian History and Culture

Item Id: 6968

More than 160 tribes are featured in this outstanding new encyclopedia, which presents a comprehensive overview of the history of North Americas Native peoples. From the Apache to the Zuni, readers will learn about each tribes history, traditions, and culture, including the impact of European expansion across the land and how tribes live today. Features include maps of ancestral lands timelines of important dates and events fact boxes for each tribe bios of influential American Indians such as Sitting Bull sidebars on daily life, homes, food, clothing, jewelry, and games Did You Know facts with photographs and traditional Native stories. The design is compelling and colorful, packed with full-color photographs. To help give kids the lay of the land, this reference is arranged by region, and all federally recognized tribes are included. Tribal members representing each region and experts at the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institution were involved in its creation. With nothing comparable available, it is sure to be a valuable resource for kids, students, librarians, and families. (Hardcover, 322 pp.)