Planned Giving

Many foundations have large endowments and multiple assets. The Southwest Indian Foundation is not such an organization. Because of our many ongoing programs and commitments, we have never built up a large safety net of funds. We do not have any organized "planned giving" department, but we welcome gifts in any form: Stocks, securities, insurance policies, or even properties. Another way you might consider contributing is by giving us authorization to charge a certain amount to your credit card once a month. We have a secure way of doing this, so you can donate without hassle, and in a cost effective manner.

Will: Where there's a will... there's a beautiful way to leave a lasting legacy for your Native American brothers and sisters. Through a legal will, you can leave an endowment to the Southwest Indian Foundation that will perpetuate your generosity for many years.

Annuities: If you establish a "charitable gift annuity" with SWIF, you can rely on a dependable fixed income for the rest of your life. As an added benefit, you can leave a lasting legacy to the work of the Foundation. You can use your income payments to meet your financial needs or defer them to supplement your retirement plan. This is income that is guaranteed, and not the subject to the whims of the market or low interest rates. You also qualify for a large income tax deduction the year you make the gift. If you give appreciated securities, you will also save on capital gains taxes. For more information: Call Bill McCarthy at 505 863 2128 or email at