We have a 2nd well at San Isidro Farm!
I hope you're well wherever you are. It's been quite a ride on our Southwest Indian Foundation farm. And we have the very best news to share with you today. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a SECOND water well!! There was a great necessity to drill another well. We have 5 fenced acres that desperately needed an irrigation source. About three weeks ago we hit water at about 340 feet below the surface. Then we went down another 50 feet to insure the added dredge in times of drought.

This summer has been humming at San Isidro with the addition of roughly 200 chickens laying eggs, and the introduction of a few cattle roaming the grassy fields. I remember last summer, I was getting in touch with my ancestry one day, just literally planting on my hands and knees for about nine hours. The wind was gusting and blowing dust in my face, but it was the most satisfying day of work that I have had in a long time. A few months later, when that work produced food for my neighbors? What a feeling of accomplishment! I know we are doing the right thing here.

Planting the future for our people. Nourishment for our bodies. A friend working alongside me commented on how fitting it was that we were hand planting our very first crops. Just like our ancestors long ago.

But, we do not plan on staying so antiquated! We have GRAND plans! Even now we are developing a very sophisticated irrigation drip system. This has been done around the world, but it’s our first try. We will be able to maximize every drop of water! We cannot afford to waste one precious drop in the high desert. Water is life.

Inside the barn, we have focused on turning a portion of that space into a vegetable washing, processing and storage center. And, we have a couple of used trucks that generous donors have given to us. There is another benevolent donor that is helping us with the pump, cable, pump house and manifold, to divert water in the field as needed. So, we are making some good, steady progress.