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Summer Raffle 2024

Southwest Indian Foundation is proud to announce the 2024 Summer Raffle! We have gathered some truly unique and amazing prizes. Enter today by purchasing your ticket via your catalog order form, by calling our toll-free phone number, or online through our website!

We have a 2nd well at San Isidro Farm!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a SECOND water well!! There was a great necessity to drill another well. We have 5 fenced acres that desperately needed an irrigation source.

Two Very Special Stories

We are excited to share two beautiful stories of brand new homes from our SWIF Housing Program. We were so glad to be able to hand over the keys to both of these families.

Barn Raising

It seems like there is bad news everywhere we turn these days, so whenever we actually hear some good news, we love to be able to share it! This week we have two great pieces of news to share. Here is what is happening on SWIF's San Isidro Farm

Annual Art Scholarship and School Awards Program

Our mission has been to help the Native Americans in the Southwest not with mere handouts, but by restoring pride and independence. SWIF has always offered aid when true need was present, but has gone beyond that by recognizing the great human potential of each individual, and by helping each realize that potential themselves.

Summer Raffle 2023 - Winners

Summer Raffle 2023 - Winners

It is with great pleasure that I announce the four grand prize winners of our 2023 Summer Raffle drawing, held this morning, on Tuesday, August 21, 2023. Thank you to all who purchased tickets for our 2023 Summer Raffle!

San Isidro Patron Saint of Farmers

San Isidro Patron Saint of Farmers

Our Summer catalog proudly features beautiful piece of artwork created by New Mexican artist Carlos Otero. This piece of work is very fitting to showcase because of our Summer 2024 Raffle. The Grand Prize of the raffle is a full order of New Mexican raised beef that have grazed upon the 270 acres of our San Isidro and the Three Sisters Farm.