Horse Follow Closely Book

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Follow Closely Native American Horsemanship Book - Horse and rider are one. Theirs is a relationship of trust, harmony, and respect born of a way of life that is all but lost. One man puts it within our grasp again. In this magnificent book ,GaWaNi Pony Boy illustrates the traditional training methods-methods that are steeped in common sense and the age-old wisdom of his ancestors, America's 1st great horsemen. The stunning full-color photos by renowned European photographer Gabrielle Boiselle and the simple eloquence of the text takes us back to the days when horse training was not merely about getting results but about creating a bond for life. An inspiration for riders and a feast for horse and Native American culture enthusiasts, Horse, Follow Closely Native American Horsemanship forges a relationship with readers that few books can ever hope to achieve. (softcover, 136 pages, 80 color photos)