Riding With Cochise

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Riding With Cochise: The Apache Story of America's Longest War brings the violent drama of the American Southwest to life through the eyes of the legendary Apache chieftain Cochise and three other tribal leaders, Geronimo, Victorio, and Mangas Coloradas. Relying largely on the oral histories told by relatives of these great warriors as well as personal diaries of others who were involved, veteran author Steve Price takes the reader deep into the Cochise Stronghold, through Massacre Canyon, and across Apache Pass. You’ll sit beside the campfires of Tom Jeffords, the only white man Cochise ever fully trusted, and touch the faded stone walls of Fort Craig, the rock cairns at Dragoon Springs, and the magnificent cottonwoods at Ojo Caliente. You’ll be with General George Crook and Lt. Charles Gatewood as they pursue Geronimo through New Mexico, Arizona and even into Mexico’s Sierra Madre, and learn how a handful of Apache warriors could disappear into open desert, ride and sleep on horseback, and outwit thousands of American and Mexican troops for months at a time. Thoroughly researched and written in the author’s fast-paced story-telling style, Riding With Cochise presents a sweeping history of how one Native American tribe fought desperately to keep its land and its culture in the face of America’s westward expansion known as Manifest Destiny, then spent 27 years in exile and captivity before finally being allowed to return to their beloved homeland. (Hardcover, 220 pages)