Four Corners USA book

Four Corners USA book

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Way out on the Colorado Plateau, two lines cross at right angles, forming the borders of four states. You can stand on this spot and be in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah all at the same time. This book is about the area roughly 150 miles around that point, a land of fantastic rock formations, ancient dwellings, and diverse cultures. Multiple national parks and monuments have been set aside to preserve the Four Corners wonders. And natures rainbow of colors paints these vast landscapes and barren badlands where sandstone rock sculptures grace majestic canyons. Join us in a tour of these remarkable places and learn the history of this unforgettable land and its people.

"A beautiful and important book, packed to the brim with historical insights, useful tidbits for travelers, and, best of all, a profound appreciation for this unique part of Americas West. The stunning photographs dramatically reflect the majesty and mystery of this unusual landscape and the resilient people who call it home. This is a volume to savor from your armchair or to inspire a trip to see these places firsthand" - New York Times best-selling author, Anne Hillerman.

(Softcover, 104 pp.)

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