The 2 Michelles R.C. Gorman Print

Item Id: 6477-TM

The R.C. Gorman Gallery graciously donated a number of classic prints from the early 1980s. We are making them available for a $75 donation to our Education and Art Scholarship.

R.C. strongly believed that "Education is the ladder." All Native children needed the best tools to live in both worlds: life in the city and life on the Reservation. He often spoke about how blessed he was with talent. He wanted to share that talent with all people.

These vintage prints are classic expressions of R.C.'s work during his prime. They are available to you. Here is your chance to accomplish two awesome things in one act: Receive an incredible work of art, and help us educate a young child. That is an unbeated combination.

The 2 Michelles print is approx. 30" X 24"