R.C Gorman is one of the most revered and celebrated Native American Artists in history. His unique style captured the essence of the tribes of the Southwest. R. C. was a great friend of the charitable work of the Southwest Indian Foundation. Before his passing in 2005, he made available generous signed copies of some of his works to our donors. We have missed his presence until now.

Through a unique relationship with the R. C. Gorman Gallery, we are making available to you a wide variety of Gorman's epic expressions at modest pricing. This R. C. Gorman Collection has something for just about everyone. Let us preserve his legacy.

To help us raise the resources to build a home for a needy family, the R. C. Gorman Gallery is donating this Giclee of Gorman's "Luminarias."

Anyone who purchases an item from this new SWIF Collection will be entered in a drawing at the end of the year to win the showcase piece.

R. C. Gorman Items: