No Call Policy

Southwest Indian Foundation DOES NOT CALL YOU FOR DONATIONS

Dearest Friend,

Unfortunately, we have had some reports that phone calls are going to some of our donors and buyers requesting donations. Please be absolutely assured that we never call you unless there is a customer service question, or you request a call from us. These phone calls are not authorized by us and we do not conduct our affairs in this way.

If anyone contacts you representing themselves as the Southwest Indian Foundation and is asking for money, IT IS NOT US! If you do receive such a call, please let us know. If you would be good enough to get as much information as possible from the caller, we would be forever indebted to you.

We apologize for burdening you with such a request, but we aspire to be a good, honest, and needed charity. We are by no means perfect, but we try to be a charitable organization that is straight forward.

Wishing you the very best always,
Bill McCarthy