Summer Raffle 2022 - Winners

Dear Friends and Family,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the four grand prize winners of our 2022 Summer Raffle drawing, held this morning, on Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

Sherry Belasco of Asheville, North Carolina was the winner of the very large and colorful acrylic painting titled "Navajo Girl" by Jack C. Black. She graciously insisted on donating further to our San Isidro Farm project in order to "pay for the shipping costs for such a large painting."

Linda Hanson of University Place, Washington won the incredible pottery piece by Lawrence Namoki. Linda was a delight to speak with and gracefully insisted that she be allowed to donate this one-of-a-kind polychrome seed pot back into the SWIF Archive Collection to eventually be publicly displayed at the Storytellers Museum at the Gallup Cultural Center.

Kristine Lynn of Ozark, Alabama has won the stunning jewelry set by Eleanor Weeka. She was elated to win but also as excited to share her very insightful suggestions in support of the farm and our barn-building project.

Joanne Grimes of Palmyra, New Jersey was our winner of the beautifully framed artwork by R.C. Gorman. She shared a beautiful story with us of how she began donating to SWIF as a gift in honor of each of her children as they graduated from School, in lieu of a physical or material gift. She still donates every year in their honor to the Christmas food basket and stove programs.

We can't help but feel that all four of the graceful and generous ladies who won this year are a true representation of our SWIF Family. All of you have such a kind heart and charitable soul, and we cannot thank each one of you enough for all that you do to help our Native American brothers and sisters. Thank you.

May you ALWAYS walk in Beauty,

Bill McCarthy, CEO (and the entire SWIF Team)

P.S. - A big thanks to Sarah in our main office who drew all the names for us this morning! She rightly gave us a hard time for not warning her that she would have to pose for the picture above, but was kind enough to let us take it anyways. If you would like to make another donation to the SWIF Farm, you can do that here.

The first is a colorful "Navajo Girl" painting by Navajo artist Jack C. Black. The second is a one-of-a-kind Hopi polychrome seed pot titled "Spiritual Offering" by Lawrence Namoki. The third is a Zuni Pueblo Turquoise and Sterling Silver petit point squash blossom necklace and earrings set by Eleanor Weeka. The fourth is beautifully framed "Native Blanket" print by artist R.C. Gorman. Watch our video for more information!

Traditional, hand-woven Navajo blanket.
Turquoise and Coral necklace
Matted and framed, limited-edition print of the majestic White Buffalo
Matted and framed, limited-edition print of the majestic White Buffalo