A Humble Modest Pickup Truck
All I really want is a humble modest PickUp Truck!

Now that I am getting older, I have tried to adapt to the times. Big dreams and ambitions are great, but WHO is going to pay the bills?

We are planting on our plots at San Isidro Farms. We were blessed with good moisture this Winter. We are planning for an expanded operation. The barn is up and this Summer we hope to finish it out into a full-fledged vegetable processing operation. We have community plots set aside for our food pantries and individuals that would like to learn to grow.

We are pumped up to plant a Pumpkin Patch for kids this Fall!

This Farm Enterprise is not for the feint hearted. It requires focus, timing, and good horse sense. Nature can be a fickle beast. One just never knows.

We had two old pickup trucks. They were definitely old, but steady. When I was up at San Isidro this week the first thing I learned is one truck's transmission was gone and the second truck's engine blew. So much for living frugally.

A Question, because I am old school. Have you priced a pickup lately? Sticker heart attack!!

So, although things are going great on the Farm, we desperately need a 3/4 ton pickup.

If you have an old pickup you don't drive or need...or you wish to donate to the Farm...we would love and appreciate you forever.

The growing season is on top of us, and we are walking and carrying things around on our backs.

Please help if you can ..

PS: Bill McCarthy here. As mentioned, if you have a used truck you'd be willing to donate we'd love to have it! Please call me at 505-863-2128