Clothing / Blankets
The distribution of charitable goods is both an art and a science.

The Southwest Indian Foundation has a small warehouse in Gallup where we received donations in blankets, coats, baby and maternity clothing. Sometimes we receive gloves, hats, and scarves. The real need is for winter clothing and coverings,but not the only need.

When goods come into the Foundation, we have a solemn duty to distribute these goods to the "Needy", that is to people who really, really need outside assistance. Persons who would not have proper dignified clothing without these donations. Persons that we not have the "bare" minimum to stay warm, and keep their children warm.

Blankets and ClothingFor this purpose, we are entrusted with "giving out" clothing to those who "know" who the truly families are, and giving directly to homeless who live on the streets, and in the arroyos of Gallup, NM.

Are we always perfect in these distributions. Certainly not! Sometimes we just have to trust the recipient, and hope for the best. Are we generally very good at this distribution?We think so!

It is one of those truthful adages, "You know it when you see it"! You know when someone is really cold, in desperate straits, an is in real need. We pray we can continue to "Cloth the naked", and "Shelter the Homeless".

We receive donations of blankets and clothing at:

Southwest Indian Foundation Project Office
218 E Historic Hwy 66
Gallup, NM 87301

Thank you!